Products can be abandoned or run out of funding. Services can be stopped or killed by laws or governments.

Yana is neither a product, company nor service. Yana is a freedom tool, built on and for the technology of uncensorable communication.

In a world where individual rights are compromised on a daily basis, let’s make technology our haven.

We put our passion in Yana to enable that.


Yana puts you in charge of your identity and gives autonomy in a digital space.


We want everyone to be able to use Nostr, device neutral. Yana is designed for efficiency in battery and data use. We use smart caching.

Grass roots & open-source

We are not bound to economic pressures, we are driven by a mission and collaborate on the open code. Donations are distributed directly and transparently to all contributors.


Make use of the network, Nostr is always there for you. Yana uses Gossip (inbox/outbox) model of relays, for better decentralization.